International Day of Happiness

We are conveners to the International Day of Happiness. If you want to be an Ambassador please feel free to contact us and start to celebrate the International Day of Happiness.

 ♥ Signing up as Ambassador of Happiness in your city.

  ♥ Organizing cultural, educational or awareness events/activities to celebrate this important day, and

  ♥ Sharing pictures, video or comments after your event.

Be an Ambassador for International Happiness Day.  You only need to have the intention to spread happiness around the world, organize an activity during the Week of Happiness (see below some suggestions) and share photos and comments.

Contact us and you will receive the Ambassadors Guide to organize your event.

Celebrate happiness on March 20th with family and friends.


You could organize an event like these:

  • speaker engagements,
  • movie nights,
  • artistic and cultural events,
  • book discussion groups,
  • conferences and meetings,
  • workshops,
  • ceremonies,
  • local school programs,
  • community potlucks.